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At Perry Hall, we recognise that languages are an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Learning a language promotes global citizenship, celebrates diversity, creates effective communicators and supports pupils to understand the importance of being a member of a multicultural society.

Mandarin is famous for being the most natively spoken language in the world and therefore we believe that it is the ideal language and culture for our pupils to have the opportunity to become immersed in. We have developed successful links with a local Chinese school, which has enabled our pupils to have access to high quality and accurate teaching.  Mandarin is taught through engaging multisensory lessons that embed and sequentially develop the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.. 

We began our journey in 2019, when Chinese exchange students joined our school for the last term of the year. They stayed with our families and experienced life as a Perry Hall pupil.  Both ourselves and our guests learnt many valuable lessons from one another and it is something, post pandemic, we are keen to continue.

Valuing the teaching and learning of new languages reflects the aim for our pupils to be successful and respectful young people, whilst also celebrating the diversity of our school and local area. At Perry Hall, we understand the importance of forging the pathway to learning languages in primary school, in preparation for our pupils to further develop their knowledge and skills in the next stage of their educational journey.

Progression Overview