EYFS water play


At Perry Hall, we hold a profound commitment to nurturing the development of each child as a unique individual, equipping them with the essential skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to thrive in Key Stage One and beyond. Within our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), our primary objective is to establish robust foundations that encompass not only academic achievement but also personal, social, and emotional growth. Our ultimate aspiration is to cultivate pupils who evolve into active and engaged global citizens of society, driven by curiosity and a lifelong love for learning.

Our curriculum serves as the cultural capital that we recognise our pupils need to flourish. It provides them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and understanding for future success. However, we recognise that this can only be achieved by instilling the right habits for learning. To this end, we emphasise the "Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning," which encompass Play and Exploration, Active Learning, and Creative and Critical Thinking.

Upon entering Reception, we devote significant time and energy to help pupils set and reflect upon their personal goals. This process encourages them to aim high and fosters a deep appreciation for reading, writing, and mathematics. Our approach unfolds within a holistic curriculum that maximises opportunities for meaningful cross-curricular connections and enriching learning experiences. We prioritise the uniqueness of each child, providing extended periods of play and fostering sustained thinking that align with their interests and ideas.

We hold imagination and creativity in high esteem, striving to instill a sense of joy and fascination in the learning journey. To this end, we offer a dynamic and vibrant learning environment both indoors and outdoors, promoting active exploration and discovery. In addition to classroom activities, our curriculum extends to include enriching trips, visits, and regular forest school sessions that further enhance the educational experience.

At Perry Hall, our dedication lies not only in preparing our pupils for academic success but in nurturing well-rounded individuals who possess a deep sense of curiosity, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning. Our EYFS curriculum is a springboard that propels our young learners into a world of possibilities, rooted in strong foundations and boundless potential.



At our school, pupils engage in a dynamic learning experience that blends child-initiated exploration with carefully structured adult-directed activities. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to strike a balance that encourages independent exploration while providing focused guidance in essential subjects.

Our timetable reflects this balance by incorporating daily sessions of rigorous directed teaching in English, mathematics, and phonics. Following these core teaching periods, pupils transition into group work settings, where they collaborate with a dedicated staff member to hone their individual learning objectives. This focused group time allows our teachers to systematically assess comprehension, swiftly address any misconceptions, and offer real-time verbal feedback. This immediate feedback loop has a profound impact on the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, ensuring that our pupils progress effectively.

Furthermore, we recognise the significance of providing ample time for children to engage in exploration. To this end, we meticulously plan a diverse array of experiences within our learning environment, fostering engagement and challenging our pupils' curiosity. These experiences are carefully crafted to promote both child-initiated and adult-directed learning.

Our curriculum extends seamlessly to both indoor and outdoor classrooms, with equal emphasis on the value of learning in both settings. We believe that the natural world offers a rich tapestry for exploration and discovery, which complements the indoor learning environment.

Additionally, our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to promote cross-curricular connections. This approach enables us to address all aspects of children's development, including fostering an understanding of the world and nurturing expressive art and design skills. Through cross-curricular planning, we encourage sustained thinking and active learning, ensuring that our pupils are engaged, challenged, and inspired throughout their educational journey.

Early Learning Goals Overview