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At Perry Hall Primary, we recognise that regular and punctual attendance is absolutely vital if children are to make sustained progress. Using the school's computerised attendance system, children's attendance is carefully monitored by the Executive Head Teacher, Head of School, Class Teachers and the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

Our School Day

We operate a soft start from 8:40 am until 8:50.  Classes start at 8:50 promptly.

Registers close at 9.15 am.  If you child arrives between 8:50 and 9:15 they will be marked late.   After 9.15 am, they will be marked as 'unauthorised' absence for the whole morning session.

Lunch: EYFS and KS1 - 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm.

Lunch:  KS2 - 12.10 pm - 1.10 pm.

The school day ends at 3.20 pm.

Our school week totals 32.5 hours. 

Parents and Carers' Responsibilities

Parents and carers are required to ensure that children of compulsory school age receive full-time education. This means that they are responsible for ensuring that children attend and stay at school. They are also responsible for informing the school of any absence on the first day of absence.  They should state the nature of the illness and when the child is expected to return to school.  Parents/Carers are responsible for ensuring that their children are ready to start school at 8.50 a.m.

What do I do if my child is absent for any reason?

Parents are requested to phone the school on the first day of absence.  Please telephone before 9.00 a.m. when you can leave a message on the answer phone. Absences can also be reported via email to admin@perryhall.bromley.sch.uk or via our telephone absence line (press option 1 when dialing 01689 820313).  State your child’s name, class and short reason for absence.  We need to know why your child is not in school on the first day of absence in order to ensure that they are safe and to authorise the absence.

If the school has had no explanation for the absence, we will telephone on the first day of absence asking the parent/carer to provide a reason. If no reason is provided for your child's absence, it will be recorded as an unauthorised.

If your child is absent for 5 or more days, you will need to provide medical evidence relating to their absence.  This can be in the form of a copy of the appointment, doctor’s certificate or proof of medication.

We will always follow up any unexplained absences in order to establish the reason. If there is no explanation, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.  All unauthorised absences are recorded on your child’s annual report.  The Executive Headteacher, Head of School and EWO regularly meet to monitor attendance and investigate when a child’s attendance falls below 95% and/or there are patterns of absence and lateness.  Where there is cause for concern, we will contact parents to discuss the matter further and try to find ways to resolve the problem.


You child needs to be at school by 8.50 a.m. for the start of the school day. If your child arrives after 8:55 a.m., you will need to take them to the School Office, stating their reason for lateness. Your child will then be marked late in the register by the office staff. If your child arrives after 9.15 a.m., they will be marked absent by the office staff for that session.

How do we monitor lateness?

Lateness is monitored by the Executive Head Teacher, Head of School and Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).  If your child is late more than five times in any half term period you will be contacted to arrange a meeting in order to find ways to resolve the problem.

What do we do when we are concerned about a child's absence or lateness?
  • An initial letter of concern is sent to parents/carers inviting them to discuss the problem and to find ways to improve the attendance or lateness.
  • If this is unsuccessful, the Executive Head Teacher/Head of School will arrange a further meeting with parents/carers to discuss concerns and agree targets for improving their child’s attendance or lateness.The attendance will be closely monitored for a month.
  •  If there is no improvement a third letter will be sent inviting the parents to discuss attendance at a meeting with Executive Head Teacher/Head of School and the Education Welfare Officer. Further targets will be set and monitored for a month.
  • The Educational Welfare Officer will become fully involved in supporting and monitoring the attendance and may consider a Fixed Penalty Notice and a fine if there is no improvement.

 Authorised Absence

Unauthorised Absence

Illness of child       

Urgent Medical/dentist appointemnts

Performace Rights


Family Bereavement

Religious Festival 

Illness of a parent


Day trips or long weekends

Visits to families living abroad

Birthday celebrations

Holidays booked due to work shifts

Surprise visits

* Please ensure that your families know term dates so do not book a surprise holiday in term time.

Leave of absence during term time may be granted in the event of a medical emergency only.  In this eventuality details of flights or travel arrangements and when they were booked may be required before authorised absence is granted.  This does not include a planned trip to coincide with cheaper flight times during term time for example, to visit a poorly relative. 

Should leave be taken without authorisation then consideration will be given to issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice in the sum of £60.00.  If the fine is not paid within 28 days the penalty increases to £120.00.  If is remains unpaid after a further 14 days then court proceedings are commenced.

What do I do if I need to take my child out of school in term time?

If it is unavoidable that you take your child out of school in term time, you will need to complete a Leave of Absence form that is available from the School Office.  This should be completed a month before the date of absence.  The Executive Head Teacher then makes a decision based on the information in the table above as to whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised.  Please note that May and June is a period of Statutory Assessments in Key Stage 1 and 2.  

Absence for holiday in term time:

Holidays in term time are not authorised as they are very disruptive to children’s education.  The children are excited before they go and often find it difficult to concentrate.  They miss large chunks of learning in all areas of the curriculum whilst they are away.  When they return, it is very difficult to catch up.  The teacher has to devote additional time to your child to support them – time which is taken away from the rest of the class.  It is not possible for parents or carers to teach or cover the learning that the child misses whilst they are away.