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Design & Food Technology


Design and Food Technology (DT) is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. DT allows the pupils to answer three important questions; Who? What? and How? At Perry Hall, our pupils will be given the opportunity to design, plan and make different ‘products’ that link to different areas of DT as well as applying the principles of nutrition and heathy eating, whist developing a love of cooking, through our food technology curriculum.

Pupils will learn how to produce products that are useful, sustainable and affordable as well as how to feed ourselves and our loved ones with thoughtful preparation with nutrition at the forefront, either local or homegrown foods.  

At Perry Hall, DT is not a ‘stand-alone’ subject area. It is meaningfully woven throughout the curriculum enhancing subject areas where  appropriate. We have introduced ‘Projects on a Page’ this year and these focus on different areas of DT. 

Over the course of their time at Perry Hall, the children will have the opportunities to  experience these areas:  

  • Mechanisms  
  • Mechanical systems 
  • Electrical systems  
  • Structures  
  • Textiles  
  • Food  

As pupils become more independent and their taste buds mature, we want to encourage healthy, sustainable eating. Our ‘Edible Garden’ provides a plethora of vegetables, herbs and fruits for the pupils to harvest and cook with whilst our outdoor cob oven provides opportunities to cook a diverse range of foods from around the world like many cultures have in the past and still do today. 

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