At Perry Hall, we nurture the belief that geography encompasses far more than simply identifying places on a map. Our mission is to cultivate a profound understanding of the intricacies of the world, fostering an appreciation for the rich tapestry of diversity and cultures spanning the continents. As children embark on their journey of knowledge acquisition, they discover that this understanding can serve as a bridge, uniting individuals and transcending geographical divides.

Our discrete geography lessons ignite our children's innate curiosity and fascination with the world around them, instilling a deep-seated interest and a sense of wonder about people, places, and environments, all interconnected in the intricate web of our planet. Geography also empowers children to comprehend the concept of change, allowing them to explore their own place in the world. Through this exploration, they come to grasp fundamental values and their responsibilities towards others, the environment, and the sustainability of our precious planet.

As our pupils venture through the world of geography, they embark on an enlightening 'world tour,' virtually visiting every continent. This journey equips them with knowledge and cultivates versatile skills. They come to understand the world around them, including places and environments both near and far, while also gaining insights into the processes and events shaping and impacting these regions.

In addition to these foundational principles, we place significant emphasis on developing essential mapping skills within our geography curriculum. Our pupils learn that maps are not just static images but powerful tools for navigation and comprehension. Through hands-on activities, they become skilled cartographers, honing their ability to read and create maps. These practical skills empower them to explore the world with a deeper understanding, confidently plotting their own course of exploration.

Incorporating outdoor learning and fieldwork into our curriculum provides our children with frequent opportunities to connect with places, communities, and the environment. These experiences cultivate observational, questioning, and investigative skills through firsthand encounters and high-quality instruction, enabling our pupils to build upon their existing knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for the world around them.

Geographical inquiry forms the heart of our curriculum, encouraging pupils to question, investigate, collect and analyse data, and draw conclusions. It fosters critical thinking about the issues that affect the world and people's lives, both in the present and the future. Through the study of geography at Perry Hall, our pupils become not just explorers of the world, but also thoughtful stewards of its future.


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