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At Perry Hall we provide our pupils with the opportunity to broaden their historical knowledge and understanding by sharing their  own experiences, before developing their comprehension of local, national and world history. By the end of Key Stage 2, through a rigorous and creative curriculum combined with enrichment opportunities, we aim for pupils to become independent learners by developing their inquisitive nature and broadening their cultural capital. Pupils consider questions of social justice, inequality and how these issues have affected children in the past. 

Through termly Expeditions pupils study History as a discrete subject, travelling forwards and backwards in time, developing an  understanding of British history as a chronological narrative from ancient times to the present day, as well as developing an  understanding of essential global events focusing everything from the earliest civilisations to the most powerful empires. 

Key historical concepts are explored through each topic and provide lenses through which to consider different aspects of history. The concepts are revisited through different historical periods as pupils move through the school to deepen their understanding:

  •  Chronology
  • Community and Culture 
  •  Conflict and Disaster 
  •  Exploration and Invention 
  •  Hierarchy and Power 
  •  Similarity and Difference
  •  Cause and Consequence
  •  Change and Continuity 
  •  Significance and Interpretation
  •  Historical Enquiry 

We have identified a set of ‘golden threads’, that pupils will repeatedly revisit throughout their time at Perry Hall. Settlement, migration, religion, conflict, power and societal change (including the ‘Rights of a Child’) run through historical topics, enabling children to make connections and consider the big questions of history, inspiring a deeper curiosity about how society has changed over the course of time, making history relevant to their lives and giving them an improved sense of identity and place. 

Through engaging lessons, pupils develop a wide historical vocabulary and an understanding of key terms and concepts. Concepts are revisited and reinforced throughout the curriculum to ensure pupils develop an understanding of the historical 'big picture'. Ideas acquired in one year or one key stage are revisited to ensure they are assimmilated. Pupils also develop an  understanding of the importance of evidence when putting forward historical opinions and why some people interpret events differently

Whilst developing their substantive and disciplinary knowledge, pupils show a keen interest and enthusiasm for making  inter-connections between the past and the present, thus confidently sharing their own interpretations of the past. Through our inspirational and intellectually challenging curriculum, Perry Hall pupils develop into skilled historians with enquiring minds and a desire to learn about the past.

Progression Overview