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At Perry Hall, we embark on a journey of historical discovery with our pupils, allowing them to first share their own life experiences before delving into the fascinating realms of local, national, and global history. By the culmination of Key Stage 2, our rigorous and creative curriculum, coupled with enriching experiences, equips our pupils to become autonomous learners, nurturing their innate curiosity and expanding their cultural horizons. We encourage our pupils to explore profound questions about social justice, inequality, and the historical impact on children, instilling a deep sense of empathy and awareness.

Through our termly expeditions, our pupils embark on a chronological voyage, traversing both forward and backward in time. This journey grants them an invaluable understanding of British history as a continuous narrative, spanning from ancient civilisations to the contemporary era, while also fostering an appreciation for pivotal global events. Within this framework, key historical concepts serve as lenses through which pupils scrutinise various aspects of history. These concepts are revisited as pupils progress through different historical periods, deepening their comprehension:

  • Chronology
  • Community and Culture
  • Conflict and Disaster
  • Exploration and Invention
  • Hierarchy and Power
  • Similarity and Difference
  • Cause and Consequence
  • Change and Continuity
  • Significance and Interpretation
  • Historical Enquiry

Moreover, we have woven a set of 'golden threads' throughout our historical topics—themes of settlement, migration, conflict, power, and societal change. These threads enable pupils to establish connections and ponder the profound questions of history, inspiring a heightened curiosity about how society has evolved over time. This approach makes history pertinent to their lives, fosters a stronger sense of identity, and enhances their sense of place in the world.

In our engaging lessons, pupils cultivate an extensive historical vocabulary and grasp key terms and concepts. These concepts are revisited and reinforced throughout the curriculum to ensure pupils develop a holistic understanding of the historical landscape. Ideas introduced in one year or Key Stage are revisited to ensure their assimilation. Pupils also come to appreciate the significance of evidence when presenting historical perspectives, understanding why interpretations of events may diverge.

As pupils deepen their substantive and disciplinary knowledge, they display a profound interest in drawing connections between the past and the present, confidently articulating their interpretations of history. Through our inspiring and intellectually stimulating curriculum, Perry Hall pupils evolve into adept historians with inquiring minds, driven by a thirst for understanding the past and its profound impact on our world.


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