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At Perry Hall, we are dedicated to nurturing our pupils' natural curiosity about the world and igniting their enthusiasm for understanding the wonders of science. We believe in instilling the understanding that science is a trusted means of unraveling the mysteries of the world, grounded in unbiased knowledge rather than subjective opinions. We empower our pupils to engage in scientific inquiry by encouraging them to pose scientific questions, master scientific terminology, plan and execute experiments, and critically analyse their findings. To cultivate scientific thinking and create a lasting imprint in their memories, we place a strong emphasis on hands-on investigations that kindle their curiosity and make learning a thrilling adventure.

Our meticulously designed curriculum is thoughtfully structured to ensure a seamless progression of knowledge and skills as pupils advance through each year. We introduce new topics by first imparting substantive knowledge (the "what") before delving into disciplinary knowledge (the "how"), often characterised by investigative approaches. This sequential learning journey revisits and reinforces prior knowledge, building upon the foundation of what has already been learned. Our curriculum units are thoughtfully aligned with natural events like seasons, harnessing the timely resources provided by nature and connecting with our Expedition-based learning whenever feasible. Additionally, teachers identify opportunities to integrate essential English and Mathematics skills into scientific learning activities.

Our curriculum is inclusively designed to cater to the needs of all pupils. Science, given its nature, is inherently accessible to children of varying abilities. Engaging in scientific exploration encourages teamwork, evidence gathering, discussion, critical evaluation, active listening, and evidence-based conclusions. To ensure that each child can fully participate, the way they record their scientific journey is adapted to their individual needs, removing any limitations imposed by writing or verbal skills. In every unit they explore, pupils are introduced to pertinent scientific vocabulary and guided in its proper usage when articulating their findings.

At Perry Hall, our science curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum, enriched by resources from PLAN Science and the Kent Science Scheme. This combination empowers our dedicated educators to provide memorable learning experiences. To further foster scientific inquiry and investigative skills, all year groups engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) challenges throughout the academic year, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing inquisitive minds and budding scientists.


Enrichment Activities

Learning is brought to life at Perry Hall by a range of enrichment activities which encourage them to use their knowledge and understanding in practical ways and to apply their learning to real-life situations. These will include: 

  • Planting, feeding, growing and harvesting vegetables 
  • Planting, feeding and growing flowers 
  • Composting waste and experience the compost life cycle first hand
  • Hatching ducklings and chicks
  • Duck growth and development 
  • Guinea pig growth and development 
  • Chicken growth and development 
  • Caring for reptiles
  • Observing caterpillars develop and grow into butterflies 
Visitors to the school 
  • Bromley Life Bus 
  • Zoolab 
  • Cats Protection League 
  • PDSA 
  • David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation 
  • Healthcare Professionals 
Trips to places of scientific interest or importance 
  • The Science Museum
  • A science and maths day at St Olave's Grammar School
  • Pond dipping at High Elms
  • Woodland walks and minibeast hunts


Progression Overview