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At Perry Hall, we are passionate about cultivating a profound love for mathematics and nurturing inquisitiveness about its relevance in our world. Our school's diverse socioeconomic context has driven us to craft a mathematics curriculum that is not only captivating but also deeply ambitious, ensuring it resonates with all pupils. Rooted in the principles of mastery, we strive to empower our pupils with a comprehensive and versatile mathematical toolkit that serves them not only in the present but also as a foundation for their future.

Our foremost objective is to foster fluency in the core principles of mathematics, enabling our pupils to develop a profound conceptual grasp and the ability to swiftly and accurately apply their mathematical knowledge. We aim to cultivate problem-solving skills that extend to complex and unfamiliar scenarios, allowing our pupils to model real-life situations and tackle challenges with increasing sophistication. Our meticulously designed mathematics curriculum is a progressive journey, artfully sequencing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to systematically build mathematical proficiency over time. Rather than emphasising acceleration, we place a premium on breadth and depth of understanding. Our intention is not to rush through the curriculum but to advance when the majority of pupils have grasped concepts at a profound level. We firmly believe that this commitment to deep learning may take more time, but its enduring impact is immeasurable.

Mathematics education at Perry Hall is more than just acquiring skills; it's about inspiring excellence, fostering enduring understanding, and preparing our pupils to excel in mathematics and apply their knowledge with confidence and enthusiasm throughout their lives.


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