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Pupil Premium


Nexus Education Schools Trust (NEST) Principles:

  • Educational, social and emotional outcomes for disadvantaged children are the responsibility of everyone.
  • We agree to make a difference and be passionate about making a difference to the outcomes and life chances for our disadvantaged children.
  • Our PPG strategy comes from the ground up - winning the hearts and minds of teachers and support staff.
  • Disadvantaged children are entitled to a full curriculum which means we will think creatively about when and how we run interventions.
  • We are committed to enhancing the cultural capital of disadvantaged pupils - filling up their ‘cultural bank account’ through experiences, engaging learning etc.
  • Identification of barriers to learning must be very specific e.g. not just "improve reading" but "improve fluency or reading speed".
  • We are committed to honest evaluative judgements about how effective our strategies and interventions have been.
  • We are committed to being intentional about building positive relationships with disadvantaged children and their families.


Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.