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We have recently introduced Mandarin as part of our languages curriculum.  Mandarin is famous for being the most natively spoken language in the world.  We have developed successful links with a local Chinese school which has enabled our children to have access to high quality teachers who can not only deliver lessons relating to the language but also immerse them in the culture.  These highly engaging experiences aim to foster the children’s curiosity, deepen their understanding of the world and to provide the foundation for learning further languages. 


We began our journey during the summer when Chinese exchange students joined our school for the last term of the year.  They stayed with our families and experienced life as a Perry Hall pupil.  Both ourselves and our guests learnt many valuable lessons from one another and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This year, our focus will be on developing the curriculum as our children continue to broaden their knowledge.


In addition to the core curriculum, we also include languages as part of our enrichment offer, for example a French club.  Valuing the teaching and learning of new languages reflects the aim for our children to be successful and respectful global citizens whilst also celebrating the diversity of our school and local area.