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Maths is part of our everyday lives, from the moment we are woken by our alarms to the second we collapse into our beds. Our aim is for each and every one of our pupils to leave us as competent and confident mathematicians.


We want our pupils to make links with their learning and build fluency with numbers and mathematical concepts. We believe that pupils need to manipulate real objects and visually recognise the mathematical concepts and so we follow the CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) aspect of Singapore Maths. We ensure that pupils have opportunities to use practical equipment effectively in all lessons and to develop and apply their mathematical skills and knowledge.


Our aim is for our pupils to be able to confidently talk maths through explanations and reasoning. For this reason, mathematical vocabulary is generated, used and displayed in all classrooms and changed at the beginning of each topic.  


We want our pupils to be financially aware from the moment they start school, so financial maths plays an important role in our curriculum. Every year, Year 6 complete the ‘Fiver Challenge’ and every two years, we have a whole school enterprise week, where profits are used to support maths in school.


Pupils work in a combination of whole class, group, shared or individually on different days. They have opportunities to select their level of learning and challenge and scaffold is always in place for every learner.


We aim to give our pupils a secure foundation before moving on to more complicated mathematical concepts - breadth and depth is prioritised over acceleration - giving them the confidence to build on skills already learnt.  Through both the National Curriculum and Maths for Mastery, we ensure children gain an in-depth understanding of teaching fluency, reasoning and problem solving.