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Forest School

At Perry Hall Primary School we run half term blocks of Forest School for Reception and years 1,3 and 4. In addition to this, we have an after-school club called the 'Forest Rangers' where children are in charge of caring for the Forest School site.


Forest School encourages the children to explore using their own ideas and imagination. Most activities are child led, to allow the children to investigate and problem solve in areas that they are interested in. This will help develop independent, self-motivated thinkers. Activities are put together in small manageable steps that we scaffold to allow the children to develop the skill they are learning, at their own pace and level. All children of all abilities are able to enjoy and learnt at Forest School They styles of learning used at Forest School maximise emotional, social and behavioural development. By helping the child to succeed in their task, it boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Every child is special, with qualities and strengths; Forest School can help them build on these with confidence.


The children carry out various activities in groups, pairs and on their own. They can play hide and seek, build dens, make mud sculpture/faces, go bug hunting, investigate weather, collect and sort various natural materials and much more. Children need time to explore their feelings, thoughts and relationships and at Forest School they have time to do this, whilst developing an understanding of the world around them and its environment.