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Design & Food Technology

Design and Technology (DT) is a subject area about life.  DT consists of the design, planning, and making of “products”, cooking knowledge and skills. How to produce products that are useful, sustainable, affordable.  How to feed ourselves and our loved ones with thoughtful preparation, nutrition at the forefront, local, homegrown foods that are prepared in accordance with the season.


At Perry Hall DT is not a “stand alone” subject area. Design and Technology is meaningfully woven throughout the curriculum enhancing subject areas where appropriate.  On any given school day, one might find children in Year 1 using blocks, paper tubes, and elastic bands to make a marble run.  Year 2 children are designing, choosing materials and building castles as part of their Theme.  In KS2 students are tie dying fabric for an art project using cabbage and onion skins from our Edible Garden as the dye.  Year 4 children are building Roman Catapults putting their engineering and science knowledge to the test. 


As children become more independent and their taste buds mature we want to encourage healthy, sustainable eating. Our “Edible Garden” provided a plethora of vegetables, herbs, and fruits for students to harvest and cook with.  There will be times when a class is cooking because they have read a book during their Theme study called Chapatti Moon.  This book provokes an opportunity to make chapattis, to learn what people in India eat, to bake bread and share.  At other times the children may notice that courgettes are aplenty in the garden sparking the question, “Can we make something with them?” A golden moment for teachers at Perry Hall who will say yes and help the children decide the “what, how, and when” for those courgettes.  During “off season” when our Edible Garden is unable to provide students with fresh, homegrown vegetables, herbs, and fruit for recipes the children celebrate diversity, baking traditional Christmas foods from around the world.  We are celebrating England’s love of Christmas and acknowledging other countries’ beliefs, traditions, their “rightness”-hopefully embedding tolerance through food.