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Visions and Values

‘Pupils behave well in lessons and around school, respect each other and take responsibility for their own actions. They take pride in and care for their school environment’ Ofsted


‘Our job is to help make the school a better place’ School Councillor


‘Pupils learn to value and respect others and work hard’ Ofsted


Pupil Quotes 

‘I like Perry Hall because the school dinners are delicious’ 

‘Whatever you do at Perry Hall it’s always done in a fun way’ 

‘All my friends are at Perry Hall’ 

‘I like playtime because if you’re lonely Play Pals will be there to play with you’ 

‘I like playtime because you get to play with your friends and you are free’ 

‘I love clubs at school because you learn new things’ 

‘I like the trips that we go on they are great’ 

‘My teachers here make me feel great about the work I produce in the classroom’ 

‘I feel happy at school because it has so many friendly staff around’ 

‘I like maths because my teacher makes it fun’ 

‘I think the best thing about my school is the nice people’ 

‘Perry Hall has given me confidence’