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At Perry Hall we want all of our children to enjoy their learning through a creative and challenging curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. Children actively learn through lots of different experiences.


Ours is a happy school, with two classes in each year group from Reception to year 6. As children grow and learn, our curriculum develops their knowledge, skills and understanding, enabling every individual child to enjoy success at each stage of their primary education.


Foundation Stage – ages 4 to 5 
Our Reception classes provide a really good start to school life. Through a play-based curriculum, our children develop the skills they will need to become effective learners.


Key Stage 1 – ages 5 to 7 
In Year 1 and Year 2, we build on the progress that our children have made in the Foundation Stage. The curriculum provides lots of exciting opportunities for learning as the children grow.


Key Stage 2 – ages 7 to 11 
We value the academic achievement of all our children and want them to enjoy the challenges that they meet through their learning. We encourage them to become independent, confident and happy young people, ready to move on to secondary school.